Clear or colored acrylic wine rack displays are very resistant and safe for those who want to exhibit their bottles in an elegant way.
They can be countertop, wall-mounting or for attachment to the ceiling, and thanks to their transparency, they can highlight the bottles in an elegant and refined way.
They are indispensable in places such as wine shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels, literary club-cafes, wine cellars, pizzerias, etc.
, to exhibit and preserve wine bottles.
They are horizontal and sloping to keep the bottles in the correct position and ensure the integrity of the product.
Made of transparent or colored Plexiglas, these bottle holders are durable and very easy to handle, since PMMA or methacrylate is a shock-resistant material.
A proper and timely maintenance keeps its characteristics unchanged over time.
Cleaning products should not contain alcohol, ammonia or similar aggressive substances.
Always use light materials such as felt, cotton or soft cloth.
To clean it is necessary to degrease and polish the surface use an anti-static detergent.
Thanks to their transparency, these bottle holders can be placed in any part of the room, in fact, their design helps to decorate elegantly any room.
Wall-mounting and for attachment to the ceiling displays are very impressive: they are a very refined furnishing elements for wine shops.
There are different types of items; upon request we can make customized articles to satisfy the needs of our customers.
All the items can be customized with the company logo, drawings and trademarks by engraving or printing.

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