Clear acrylic literature displays are practical and functional, suitable for brochures, flyers, documents, price lists, business cards, menus and any other products.
The can be placed on counters or walls, our assortment includes displays of all kinds, such as the A4 countertop literature display.
These acrylic exhibitors can be used in any context such as fairs, events, exhibitions, conferences, offices, institutions, agencies, pubs, restaurants, hotels and any other location where it is necessary to show documents, flyers, pre-printed lists, brochures and menus.
All exhibitors are designed in different sizes from A8 to A3 format and are made of transparent Plexiglas but on request we can produce them in different colors.
Plexiglas is a solid, lightweight, durable and a very delicate material; for maintenance, only use suitable materials to avoid scratches and damages.

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