These acrylic platform and reading stands are practical to organize events such as meetings, corporate and institutional events, conferences, conventions etc.
Practical and versatile items, thanks to their small weight, they can be moved from one place to another without any problem.
These items are the necessary tools in those events where it is essential to report, read in public, present projects, catalogs or books.
They can be customized with company name and logo through engravings or stickers printed directly on the front panels.
The customer can also use other exhibitors such as business card holders, magazine holders, countertop brochure holders, acrylic displays, countertop or wall-mounting bowls, name badges.
All of our models have 1.
cable holes to connect microphones and other devices; 2.
a lower shelf to support books or whatever else is needed during the conference; 3.
a sloping upper shelf to ensure an easy reading.
For those who want to set up their event in an elegant and practical way, they can choose the right item that will surely satisfy their needs.
All of the acrylic platform and reading stands are shock resistant and have a long life thanks to the thickness they are made of.

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Robust and practical transparent acrylic reading stand, ideal for conferences...



Clear acrylic platform is a very resistant and stable object.
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