About Us

Welcome to AVA’ S.R.L.

Since 2007, our designers, manufacturers and managers have been creating merchandising solutions through planning, innovation and attention to details.

Our well-experienced design team is qualified in methacrylate design and acrylic displays manufacturing.

Our brands: Ava’ and Designplex.

Ava’, our object design brand.

For over a decade, we have constantly oriented and qualified in industrial design. Our creativity and passion allow us to satisfy client’s satisfaction: everything we manufacture is custom designed.

Designplex is the perfect solution for retail stores. It offers flexible solutions to satisfy customer supply with a wide set of acrylic display cases and shop displays (for tobacco and coffee shops, cinemas, jewelry and cosmetics shops).

We design and manufacture customised objects. Customers can choose the item they want directly from our e-shop.

Our company is very dynamic. We are proud of our Italian products: each item is designed and manufactured in Italy.

“We design, you use”

The word design is synonym of emotion. Design has to go beyond simple shape to turn it into poetry.

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location Via Bachelet 11
93017 San Cataldo (CL), Italy
phone (+39) 0934 06 11 32
mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.