Clear and colorful acrylic retail displays are ideal for specific or multipurpose uses.
Practical and versatile they can be placed anywhere in your room.
Designed for any business, such as bars, tobacco shops, clothing stores, electronics stores, optical stores, leather goods shops and any business specialized in the sale of generic products.
These displays made of transparent or colored acrylic can be customized with your logo and tailor-made according to your needs.
Thanks to the assortment of our items you can organize and decorate your room making it unique and complete in every part of it.
Our products are original and versatile.
The transparency of Plexiglas will give your room a modern image.
Exhibitors can be placed on showcases, tables, walls, to the ceiling and, thanks to their practicality, can be moved to other rooms without any problems.
Acrylic retail window displays are essential accessories for those who want to exhibit their products at trade fairs, events, congresses, exhibitions, collections, parties etc, but above all their various types can satisfy all the needs of those who want to present their products in an orderly and elegant way.

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Clear acrylic wig stands are ideal to exhibit wigs of different types.


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